Ohio Employer Traffic Safety Program

Your turnkey solution to saving lives.

Ohio Employer Traffic Safety Program

Your turnkey solution to saving lives.

In Partnership With

In Partnership With

Why the concern?

Crash incidents are one of the primary causes of work-related injuries and fatalities.

These incidents open the door to increased employer costs and the potential for exposure to liability. To address these issues, Our Driving Concern program offers free and customized solutions. Our team has experience collaborating with employers of all sizes across all industries.

Return on Investment

Employers who invest in roadway safety are able to address issues related to vehicle crash costs, including property damage, costs of insurance premiums and productivity losses due to lost workdays as well as medical, legal and administrative expenses. Out of 350 employers surveyed by NSC, the majority express concerns about risks like alcohol, opioids, mental health disorders, and stress, emphasizing the need for impairment safety prioritization. More than half of these employers note impairment’s negative impact on workforce safety. Roadway safety programs reduce costs and save lives.

Our Driving Concern:

Your Turnkey Solution

Prevent fatalities and injuries and reduce the economic cost of crashes.

The Our Driving Concern Employer Transportation Safety Program is a program of the National Safety Council that works in cooperation with the Ohio Traffic Safety Office to promote safe driving practices, both on and off the job. Through free resources, including training, employers are better able to understand risky driving behaviors and use proven methods to prevent crashes, ultimately saving lives and reducing costs.

Car crashes affect not only the individual worker but also their family members and their coworkers. In Ohio, transportation incidents are the leading cause of occupational fatalities at 39%. The Our Driving Concern program emphasizes employee training, multi-faceted ongoing education and messaging to promote safe driving behaviors and make the roads safer for everyone.

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Who We Are

Our team is dedicated to protecting yours.

Katie Mueller

Katie Mueller

Senior Program Manager Mobility Safety

Katie has specialized in developing and implementing evidence-based countermeasure programs to bolster transportation safety for more than 20 years. She joined the National Safety Council in 2021 and initially worked in the Impairment Practice Area as the subject matter expert for cannabis. Prior to NSC, Katie worked as assistant director in the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, a division of the Department of Public Safety. She holds a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications.

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Tracy LeMaire

Tracy LeMaire

Program Manager, Mobility Safety

Tracy engages employers with program-driven communications to expand their transportation safety awareness. She has 20 years of extensive experience in traffic safety and a passion that is evident in all that she does. With certifications in Child Passenger Safety, she volunteers as the Acadiana Regional Coordinator for the Louisiana Passenger Safety Task Force. Tracy holds double bachelor’s degrees in general studies and criminal justice as well as several hours of graduate work, focusing on injustices against women and minorities.

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Mandee Miley

Mandee Miley

Program Coordinator, Mobility Safety

Mandee provides support, program coordination and materials management for Our Driving Concern and assists with drug impairment training for employers through multiple state-funded grants. Mandee earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Indiana University, and she previously served in the nonprofit and government sectors.

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